Become a Member

Membership to the Pacific Northwest Florist Association is open to any individual in the Florist industry in the Pacific Northwest. The Membership is designed with a community environment in mind with the goal to provide networking, support, education and an opportunity to showcase and promote the talented Florists within Pacific Northwest. All members of the horticultural and allied industries shall be eligible for membership in the Association. Membership shall not be denied because of race, creed, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin to anyone otherwise qualified to be a member.

Memberships are broken into three main categories: Full, Associate and Allied. Click the sections below to learn more.

A Full Membership is granted to a lawfully registered and established business operating in the floral industry in the state of Oregon or Washington and will be entitled to one vote per paid membership. The following are eligible for Full membership into PNW Florist Association:
  1. Retailer. In which the person owns, has part-ownership, or manages a retail flower shop, plant shop, and/or garden center properly licensed in accordance with law, provided that the member’s business directly involves the sale of flowers, plants and related floral items to the general public, and the business maintains a storefront-type, visibly-signed facility open to the general public in the state of Oregon or Washington.
  2. Mass Marketer. In which the person represents a company which has a full service floral department in the state of Oregon or Washington. Independent Designer. In which the person has a licensed business, and works independently within the floral industry.
  3. Educational/Research Member. In which the person represents an educational institution offering a program of floriculture education, and actively is employed by said institution.
Annual Full Membership: $60.00
An Associate Membership is granted to an individual who is active or wishes to be active in the floral industry. Associate members do not have access to voting and must pay annual dues but at a 50% discounted rate. The following are eligible for Associate membership into PNW Florist Association:
  1. Student Member. Those persons who are actively enrolled in an accredited school of higher education studying floriculture.
  2. Retired member. Persons retired from the industry.
  3. Individuals. Persons with an active and demonstrated interest in the floral industry.
Annual Associate Membership: $30.00
An Allied Membership is granted to an individual or business supporting the PNW Florist association. Allied members do not have access to voting and must pay annual dues at the Allied member rate. The following are eligible for Allied membership into PNW Florist Association:
  1. Retail florists located outside the State of Oregon and Washington
  2. Manufacturers of florist supplies and accessories.
  3. Manufacturers or representatives of florist supplies and accessories.
  4. Commercial growers and distributors of flowers and plants.
  5. Wire services and sub organizations thereof.
  6. Retired or semi-retired from any of the above categories.
  7. Organized floral associations of the above categories in or out of the State of Oregon or Washington
  8. Supportive industries associated with the floral industry but not direct suppliers to the trade.
  9. Employees of business organizations who are members of the Association.
  10. Individuals supportive of the floral industry either located within or outside Oregon or Washington state.
Any eligible person or company may become a member of the Association upon submitting a completed membership application with membership dues. The Board shall approve or disapprove the application based on the eligibility requirements. Annual Allied Membership: $120

For additional information, Please refer to the PNWFA Bylaws